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toniK digital is a full spectrum digitally-led branding, marketing and production services agency in Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa. We spend our lives conceptualising, strategizing and immersing ourselves in your business through our strategic marketing intelligence and branding services constantly developing new ways to drive success by creating authentic brands crafted with novelty that help us build strong relationships with your company.

We approach every challenge holistically and geared at providing our clients with an integrated organic cutting edge growth strategy through our innovative, customer-centric approach to advertising for their consumers to engage and entertain business across a wide range of industries.

This allows us to understand our client’s wants and needs and therefore in a unique position to assist our clients in growing their brands across the diversified envelope products, services and solutions we offer.

Technology, the digital landscape, trends and the ever-changing client, industry and advertising agency needs are constantly evolving. At the core, our agency is a dedicated passionate team of digital marketers, creatives, thinkers, problem solvers and technologists who are looking to improve, transform and generate powerful online marketing & brand awareness results that drive businesses, maximize audience engagement and drive conversions ultimately increasing ROI with a successful and sustainable digital online presence that leaves the consumer with an exceptional and experiential opportunity to interact and conduct business.

For us its alchemy. Our work is creatively exceptional, our thinking sums up ingenuity, always on time and as much as it sounds like magic, we’ve got the low down to a science!


toniK is not your average consortium of mainstream creatives! Together we share decades of industry experience; a collective of strategists, developers, designers, engineers and film, sound and events production gurus.

In collaboration we share next level industry expertise, on the forefront of technology complimented with ongoing client service assuring we are always on top of our game further contributing organically and assuring our clients the latest cutting edge full spectrum advertising, digital marketing & production solutions.

Each project is unique and accompanied with a customized marketing strategy always taking into consideration the parameters of our clients budgets. In short, this separates us strongly from your conventional marketing & brand development approach whereby our strategy and conceptual approach addresses the essential and critical advertising ingredients from the onset and often execute projects in phases taking into consideration our clients feasibility for their marketing agendas.

Ultimately, our primary focus and goal is to assure our clients that the full spectrum branding and communications solutions we offer integrates into the targeted markets and leaves the consumer with an experiential opportunity to interact and conduct business.


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Philip Jo Mc Donald

Creative Director

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Digital Director

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Productions Director

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Promotions Director

We love our clients and they love what we do

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Our SEO Consultants are great at building local brands and we enjoy helping local businesses grow. We’re proud to be based in Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa with some of the premier programmers, designers, and SEO specialists in the country.

We’ve also accomplished a lot for companies around the world. If you’re looking to outsource SEO to South Africa, you’re in the right place. Put our services to work for you and take the next step for your brand.


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